Project partners

Learn about the organisations that created the Care for Carers project.

North West Regional College
The North West Regional College has been committed to enriching lives, building careers and supporting communities in the North West of Northern Ireland for more than 100 years. As a lead partner in the local Workforce Development Forum, the college works cohesively with representatives of industry, commerce and the local council, in the provision and development of a comprehensive range of retraining programmes to suit the needs of local employers. The School of Health and Social Care, leading partners in the Care for Carers Erasmus Funded project (KA2) have a firm ambition to work collaboratively transnationally, with experts across EU, to develop expert knowledge of the needs of informal caregivers who are caring for people living with dementia.

Berufsförderungsinstitut Oberösterreich BFI
BFI Oberösterreich– Institute for vocational advancement is an Upper Austrian vocational training institution that meets the new requirements of the 21st century’s labor market. It has become a market leader in all variations of re-entry into the job market, second chance education and vocational qualification in health, social and other service jobs. It provides an integrated spectrum of education and training covering all qualification levels – including university degrees – for both professional and occupational applications afford a significant edge to both single participants in training courses or seminars and to organizations, companies or special interest groups.

Rijn IJssel
Rijn IJssel is a regional centre for vocational education (EFQ level 1-4), training and adult education in the city of Arnhem, the Netherlands. About 2,000 students participate in adult education and 10,000 in vocational training programmes. 1800 people study at the department of Health & Welfare where Dementia and Care is part of the curriculum. It is our social task to educate students for a place on the labor market and for an active participation in society. Rijn IJssel stands for enterprising and sustainable education.

La Quiete Azienda Pubblica di Servizi alla Persona

La Quiete provides qualified health care, assistance and rehabilitation services to self-sufficient, not self-sufficient elderly, temporary and permanent residents in the region Friuli Venezia Giulia, in Italy, hosting up to 615 people in total. The services provided are based on principles of equality, continuity of services, person-centredness, participation and efficiency. Through this project, La Quiete aims to raise community awareness of dementia and the physical, psychological and social load carried by caregivers.

Swedish Care International
Swedish Care International (SCI) is an internationally active operation that develops, packages and exports Swedish elderly and dementia care. The mission is to deliver the Swedish best training, education and tools for elderly and dementia care at an international level. Besides training, SCI organises global awareness projects, develops mobile apps and other platforms related to elderly and dementia care. In the project, SCI shares its experience and develops an innovative tool for caregivers.

Akdeniz Sağlık İdarecileri Derneği

ASID is an association of healthcare managers from the Mediterranean Region of Turkey. Our goals are to enrich the quality of our members’ and public life by social, cultural and professional means, to contribute to healthcare management policies by participating in or designing scientific research. We take part in health service projects, consultancy, market analysis, investment and management development in coordination with universities. In this project, we aim to guide the informal caregivers by evaluating the current situation in dementia caregiving in Turkey and comparing outcomes with our partner countries.