About the project

Learn more about the goals, timeline and target group of the project.

Care for Carers (CfC) is a European Commission funded project including six European partners, aiming to support informal carers of people with dementia. We provide relevant information about early, moderate and severe stages of dementia based on different perspectives from different countries. With our products and our knowledge of the need for further collaborative work to improve care practice for the elderly, we hope to help informal carers understand symptoms and stages of dementia, as well as problems that may occur and ways to handle them. This project has been developed by six different European partners with distinct organizational backgrounds on dementia care.

Main goal of the project

The key focus of this project is to develop resources that should help the informal caregiver when caring for a person living with dementia. The resources help to explain the stages of dementia; how each stage can present itself; and methods that can be used to handle symptoms of dementia. It also includes information on how to care for yourself as a caregiver.

Timeline of project

October 2016 Kick Off – project commenced, Derry, UK

December 2016 – Train The Trainer in Sweden, Stockholm – a visit to the Swedish Dementia Centre & Sylviahemmett Centre of Excellence in Dementia Care

January 2017 – Research paper produced by partners on the needs and expectations of informal caregivers

March 2017 – meeting in Italy, Udine – digital handbook & website development

September 2017 – Train the Trainer event in Austria, Linz

October 2017 – Testing Phase 1 & Focus group activities

November 2017 – Netherlands, Arnhem – updating web materials

November 2017 – Sweden, Stockholm – website refinements

Target audience

This project and the content of the website aims to inform and support informal caregivers. An informal caregiver can be someone who provides care for people living with dementia, who is not in formal care practice, for example, a professional Nurse. An informal caregiver could be a family member; a relative; a neighbour; or a volunteer, for example.